Monday, September 25, 2006

Ebay is Looking a Little Sold-Out

Ebay is like Apple, very popular and very hard to compete with., eBay's competitor in Belgium, recently launched an online guerrilla campaign on eBay itself. Basically the agency, snow by LG&F, came up with the idea of selling some items on eBay complete with pictures saying "Sorry, already sold on". So when a customer searches for one of these items and click on it, the site goes to an ebay page but in place of the picture of the item, there's a picture of a small sign with that caption on it. It's actually quite funny.

LG&F is one of the most creative advertising firms in Belgium, and they dont hesitate to show it through this campaign. It has shock value, it has humor, it has everything needed to make the audience curious. To no surprise, Ebay has already taken down the pages made by LG&F. While this campaign is to say the least, malicious in strategy, it's the kind of ad you can't help but sit back and giggle at.

When guerilla marketing is really good, it makes you wonder..."why didnt I think of that?" It's definitely the situation where half of your smile is out of appreciation while the other half is pure jealousy.

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