Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ketchup Gets Dramatic

Publicis Mojo supported CALM, which stands for the New Zealand Campaign Against Landmines, with designing new ketchup packets. On the front is a picture of two legs and the designated "tear me" line goes through the left ankle so when you open the packet you're literally tearing off the poor guy's foot. And of course, that obnoxious bit of ketchup that always uncontrollably spurts out, looks like blood oozing from the mini leg. On the back of the packet the text reads, "In 89 countries walking on a mine is still routine."

The Truth organization is one of my all time favorites when it comes to effective advertising and this campaign has a strong similarity in style. The message is clear, the creativity is brilliant, and the execution is powerful. The strongest element in these ads is the level of involvement they obtain from users. It's not just something to look at, watch or ignore. It's a small but potent experience.

My only concern with this campaign is that while it's goal is to be moving and alarming, people (especially children) may twist it into humor. I can just imagine little kids at McDonald's ripping their ketchup packets as hard and fast as they can to creat the "best" injury to the helpless half-person. The fact of the matter is that fast food restaurants aren't exactly serious environments which could lead users to pass right by the point and severtiy of it. Then again, this could provide an edge for the ads by really catching the audience off guard. Overall, I thought this was an impressively creative marketing ploy.

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