Monday, September 18, 2006

Make Way for Cows!

Being born and raised right next to Boston, I'll always call this city my home. And yes, I'm going to take a moment to point out that it is, indeed, the best city in the world. It's history, culture and scenery make it one hell of a place to be. So over the summer I went to the public garden for a swan boat ride to celebrate my brother's girlfriend's birthday (man those rides are cheap!). Anyway, on our walk through the commons we noticed a few of the painted cows posing outside the T station, including, the MBTA cow!

CowParade Boston kicked off in June this summer and featured nearly 200 life-sized painted cows with no two the same. Pascal Knapp is the Swiss artist who designed the sculptures and his father, Walter Knapp, is the originator of the CowParade concept which has grazed on cities all over the world. The cows are painted by local and national artists and display a wide variety of genres from Boston sports teams (including Fanny the Fenway Cow) to Holidays to different cultures. These "udderly" unique sculptures will be sold in an auction to raise money for the Jimmy Fund of Dana-Farmber Cancer Institute.

For anyone who's curious, cows were chosen due to their bone structure, surface area, and they way they enable artistic accomplishment. Also, cows are nurturing, quirky, and never threatening. Not to mention they give us milk! Basically everyone loves cows and everyone loves this moo-seum!

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