Monday, September 25, 2006

Public Urinattention!

Saatchi & Saatchi is one of the leading advertising firms in the world and their work is to say the least, innovative. On a more personal note, I love them. Ever since I declared Integrated Marketing Communications as my major, I've aspired to intern for them when I ship out to LA next semester. So of course, aside from the obviousl reasons, this ad caught my eye since it was made by Saatchi & Saatchi New York.

Recently in New York City, there was a sight so alarming that even the city's apathetic commuters couldn't help but look. Pedestrians stopped to stare, cab drivers yelled, and parents turned their children's faces. At first glance it looked like several New Yorkers had decided to use their city streets as their own personal bathroom. Angry citizens wanted to give these free spirits a piece of their minds, that is until they discovered these “strategically posed” folks were made of cardboard.

These people were positioned urinating all around the city in different locations to grab people's attention. This excellent guerilla marketing campaign aims to highlight the shortage of public restrooms in New York City. These incredibly realistic cut outs are stealing looks, glances, and glares as well as sending a message. On the backs of their shirts it reads a caption about the need for more toilets in New York.

Today, because of its effectiveness in gaining ground in the competitive battle for consumers’ attention, Guerrilla marketing is playing a more important role in the overall marketing plan. It only goes to show how forward this trend is moving towards interactive advertising.

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