Monday, September 11, 2006

You dont have to watch...

I was skimming through adverblog and the image of a fat, naked, man caught my eye. . . obviously. Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann of Austria designed this campaign to promote Momax shower curtains. The ads were put on the streets of Wien with the intention that if viewers didn't want to watch the man showering, they could, and were invited to, pull the curtain shut and enjoy the eye-pleasing designs. When the shower curtain is pulled all the way across the not-so-pleasing image, the tagline reads "looks better, doesn't it?" The campaign just won the Golden Award of Montreux for Home Furnishing in 2006.

We all know humor is one of the best methods to keep your brand resonating in the minds of the consumer. There is a slight risk in using overweight models. Now had this naked man been exceedingly obese the negative reaction of the viewer could have been associated with the Momax brand. However, this naked man was just "plump" enough to add some laughs and not so fat that people would run to the nearest bathroom.

Anyway, on to more important aspects. This campaign was a great way to not only make potential customers smile, but also to get them involved with the brand. That one smile or laugh or feeling like they're part of an inside joke will be exactly what they think of when they see Momax shower curtains. This small act of creativity will without doubt increase brand awareness, more than likely raise brand preference and potentially lead to brand loyalty.

Oh how far a fat naked man can go...

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