Friday, October 06, 2006

The Hard Truth

Last March, a popular newspaper in Germany called Bild, devised a guerrilla marketing campaign to solidify their position as "truth-tellers". This campaign ran during the German Art Director's Club awards show in Berlin. Jung von Matt Hamburg posted special mirrors directly over the men's urinals and slightly at an angle so the men would see their best friend while performing their physiological duties. Below these mirrors was the slogan "Nothing's harder than the truth".

I applaud this campaign for using sex with humor to actually make a point, since our society is so...for lack of a better word, apprehensive. Of course, this is in Germany and, rest assured, you'd ever find it in the U.S. But in any case, the slogan used here is one that will unavoidable make a man think twice. The feeling of "hey, i get it!" will resonate with the image of Bild creative a positive correlation in the mind of the consumer.

This is all great news but when reading some of the comments posted in reaction to this campaign, one read "I must confess I have seen my dick before. So the surprise was not that extraordinary." Bild definitely risks viewers shrugging a unenthused shoulder to there oh-so-clever slogan. However, the word "bild" in German means truth so if the viewer knows this, they're likely to feel the satisfaction of being "in the know." Thus, they'll form a connection to the brand. All in all, I think it's pretty clever, but then again it's exciting because it's unusual (to me aka an American).

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