Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nikon Finds Flickr

A picture says a thousand words and Nikon lets them do the talking. After selecting a group of Flickr users, Nikon sent out a bunch of their D80 camers and said snap away photo fans, snap away! They collected several submissions and created a three-page spread which ran in magazines and journals like BusinessWeek. In this spread were the pictures Nikon chose along with the message "We gave them the new Nikon D80. What they gave back was stunning." Nikon allowed the flickr members to use their camera's and make available their creations, thus benefiting both sides of the scenario.

The best thing about this campaign is its credibilty. Nikon puts forward the work of the people who matter the most: the consumers. Not only that, but they follow the philosophy of "show, dont tell." The capability and quality of their product is displayed in the pictures in a way that is also interactive for the customer. I love that this campaign gave a certain power to the flickr members allowing them to actually develop, recognize, and express their positive experience with Nikon.

This positive experience is almost guarenteed in a campaign like this one. The consumer gets to experience the product, bond with the product, and therefore, bond with the brand. A satisfactory relationship is formed between the consumer and Nikon just for being given the hands-on experience with the product. I really like this campaign as a whole.

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