Friday, October 06, 2006

Watch Out for the Pilot Watches!

The next example of viral marketing I stumbled upon that caught my eye was another work done by Jung Von Matt! Only this time it was for watches. Images of their Big Pilot watch were placed on the holding hand straps on airport shuttles. When passengers put their hands in the straps, it looks like their wearing the watches on their own wrists. This gets the consumer involved with the product without even entering the store or even the realm of where the product might be. Not only that, the consumer doesn't even have to be aware of the product or remotely interested.

This is an excellent example of demonstrative advertising. The consumer will automatically notice the ad because you have to look at the holding strap when putting your hand in it. However, some people who hate advertising and the overwhelming amount of it we encounter daily could get annoyed by this. But I have to give props to this campaign despite the inevitable risk it takes (as all advertising does) to the fact that the placement is perfect. The business travelers who take those shuttles on a weekly and monthly basis is the exact target market that need watches and can afford nice ones. This campaign is uncontrollably noticable, relevant, interactive, and creative. Well done.

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