Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Coming Zune!

Right now I'm listening to "I Lost It" by Kenny Chesney on my iTunes and do you think I bought it? I think it's safe to say that the majority of MP3 owners are not actually paying for their music libraries. But shhhh...it's a secret! No, seriously, it's just so easy to download music files especially in a college setting where the internet connection is top-notch. I dont know a single person who buys MP3s, it's just unheard of.

However, Microsoft is embedding viral expansion into Zune, the new iPod "competitor". People using the Zune MP3 players can send songs to friends through a Wifi connection between the snazzy devices. Their friend has 3 days to listen to the song before it's disabled. If said friend chooses to purchase said song within said three-day time span, the sender will recieve credits for a portion of the song's selling price. These credits can then be used towards purchasing music or other items from the Zune marketplace. (I took a peek at what they have to offer - not too shabby - less selection than Apple but that's to be expected.)

Obviously it's going to be um...very dificult (understatement of the century) to compete with Apple's iPod. However, this approach is a great example of a way brands should be venturing away from traditional advertising, providing concrete motivation for consumers to use their product. While this strategy seems like it will push consumption, increase brand awareness and loyalty, and up Zune's market share, I'm not sure it'll actually work. It depends how easily credits are accumulated and how much they're worth, but I hightly doubt it'll be enough to make consumers stray from Limewire and BitTorrent. Even though it sounds easy enough, it doesn't sounds easier than the means we use now. I'm skeptical...

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