Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's a Viral Cycle

Viral videos are an amazing way to spark buzz among the public and target audiences. They're very easy to point in the right direction and ensure the right audience sees them. At the Learning Center, you'll learn important viral video tactics such as filming yourself sitting at a desk, the art of falling, hurting animals, using animals to hurt people, working with excrement and vomit and "many more." But this is no normal viral video. This hilarious DRTV spoof takes whacks at both the DRTV genre and viral video itself.

But what is the point of this viral video? Simply to poke fun at viral video? No. This viral video is actually promoting a website that is….yes….all about viral video! Quite the ironic situation. The site is called Ziddio and is one of those "we pay you for your video" sites.

Frankly, as humorous as it is to have a viral video that's promoting viral videos by making fun of viral videos, I think if I was actually enjoying the slander that I would be severely annoyed once I found out the true cause of the movie. But that might just be me.

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