Saturday, November 18, 2006

Kleenex; Thinking Outside the Box

Kleenex has come out with a new Oval promo for their new oval-shaped tissue dispensers. This new packaging is targeted at hipsters who obvioulsy enjoy clean noses. For as long as Ford has made cars, Kleenex has used the ho-hum quadrilateral box. Cheers to Kleenex for changing it up for once! The campaign they're using to promote these new boxes is actually quite clever actually.

Ads use other objects like a lime or a rug that have colors directly reflected in the colors that appear on the corresponding boxes. For instance, the lime used in one ad represents "tangy oval", a box strewn with light greens and yellows. As shown above the "bling oval" is decorated in shades of pink and white to reflect the gem above.

The true reason this campaign caught my eye is because upon arriving at home on Thursday, I noticed different looking tissue boxes. And sure enough! The same boxes placed around my house are the new Kleenex Ovals. What a small world! While I feel the idea of an oval box is cute but nothing to brag about, I really find the ad campaign pretty decent. Not inspiring, but clever in "we're not trying to be super clever" kind of way.

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