Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Looking, Seeing, Feeling

Coming from Boston, Massachusetts I've seen my share of the homeless lying in the commons or sitting on the sidewalks of Harvard Square. I know what it's like to walk past them, staring straight ahead at some focus point, just so you dont have to look in their eyes. This is how we justify the idea in our minds that these people dont actually, really, truly exist.

ACLC, a Toronto-based firm, created a heart warming campaign for Canada's Salvation Army. This creative campaign exemplifies excellent craftsmanship and asks the public to open their eyes to what they've been so actively trying not to see. We are asked to see those less fortunate who are in dire need of our help. We are asked to see that something can be done to help them, something that all of us can do.

This campaign, which includes print and TV, is called "Invisible" and shows how ridiculously easy it is for us to let underpriveledged people fade away into the background to a point where we dont even see them anymore. We only see our focus point that allows us to look past all that we dont wish to notice.

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