Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Love; Passion or Politics?

Online dating has become the new fad, I should know. My mom, my dad, my sister, and pretty much every single adult I know has resorted to it. My mom, after two plus years, is still with one of her first dates and, as it happens, they just bought a house together. However, my dad has been through three girlfriends in one year and my sister just went on a date with a guy who's idea of affection is to lick her neck seven times in one hour at a bar (on their first date!). So it's fair to say the results are mixed, but nonetheless, everyone is doing it.

You can find your "perfect match" through niche sites specifically organized by location, religion, and now, political views! Yes - that's right, two new dating sites have sprung up: Democratic Match and Conservitive Match. Many hearts have been broken over conflicting political views, it's true. These parties are embedded in our interests, beliefs, motives, opinions, and lifestyles so of course they're going to play a major role in a relationship. Letting politics play a certain part in love is acceptable, even expected, but how far is too far?

When you go to a site to find a potential partner and this site blocks out everyone except democrats, one has to wonder, are you blocking out your partner as well? Not necessarily because they're not a democrat, but simply because they may not identify themselves as such in the dating scene. As much as this isnt exactly an example of guerilla marketing, this marketing ploy is coming from the public. As with marketers, sometimes we target too specifically, thus blocking out potential buyers. Ultimately this dating arrangement, as well as most societal constructs, is being far too exclusive.

Part of love is acceptance; loving the flaws in a person simply because they're part of them. I mean, really, what happened to Prince Charming? Mr. Right? That can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars over the fence, World Series kind of stuff? Is this isolated way of marketing ourselves targeting our dating pool too much? Are we messing with what's "meant to be"?

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