Friday, November 03, 2006

Personalize Your Plane

Northwest Airlines is the world's fifth largest airline and, with its partners, serves more than 900 cities in more than 160 countries on six continents. One of these partners is KLM airlines which has recently launched a new advergame called Fly for Fortune. Prior to playing the game you are invited to watch a Pixar-style game trailer that promotes the game and features of "cars-style" talking airplane.

What makes this game really special is that you can personalize your plane with different hair styles and facial features. The whole experience becomes individualized upon designing your plane. Players fly to catch certain objects and avoid others. Those who are successful can win tickets o anywhere in the world. Also, not only does the game come in 10 languages but also, players from 58 countries can enter the contest.

At first glance the idea seems fun, engaging, and interactive but aimed at an irrelevant target audience: kids. However, once I learned the reward for winning this advergame, I was whole-heartedly supportive and impressed. This game allows adults tap into their inner-child's secret infatuation with the mario brothers nintendo game. And better yet, it gives them a completely justifiable reason to do so. I kind of want to play...

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